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beach bones

The Beach Bones

rattle your bones to spooky skeleton tones with our resident horror band 'the beach bones' bringing you horrific originals and creepy covers!!

stream your favorite originals from the beach bones 

Mummy Rock Single Cover
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The Beach Bones Live at The Haunted Hangout
Boris Radbone Horror Hound
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The Beach Bones Love Potion No.9

Rattle your bones to spooky skeleton tones with 'The Beach Bones.' Originating from the coasts of California, and Co founded by Boris Radbone and Beverly Shadows, 'The Beach Bones' have taken their unique blend of surf and retro rock and roll, and brought their brand to the neon lit desert of las Vegas Nevada, delivering a cool coastal breeze on hot desert nights. 

Boris Radbone


Boris Radbone is a hard rolling, bone folding rock and roller, serving you the hottest new horror rock, horror hop, and novelty rock originals, seeped in nostalgic tones of the 1950’s and early 60’s. His lyrical style and visual storytelling blend with his guitar heavy concoction of rock n roll, surf, doo-wop, and novelty rock, to evoke the warm spirit of Halloween and take you back to the crisp dark nights of yesteryear with a distinct and unique new sound. Outside of his solo work, Radbone co-founded and makes up half of 'The Beach Bones,' the resident band for the horror variety show ‘The Haunted Hangout’ with partner Beverly Shadows. Radbone’s petrifying passions include watching horror movies, collecting monster masks and rare novelty/rock records, hot rodding guitars, and occasionally haunting the local Tiki Bar.

Beverly Shadows


Beverly Shadows is a bone chilling new artist, presenting you a unique new blend of 50’s female vocals and early 60’s singer songwriter essence in her dark and visual original songs. Her poetic and imaginative lyrics accentuated by vocals smooth as black silk, and trance inducing rhythmic guitar playing, work in concert to transport you to world much like that of the old Hollywood silver screen. 


   Outside of her solo work, Beverly Shadows co founded and makes up half of ‘The Beach Bones,’ the resident band for the horror variety show ‘The Haunted Hangout’ with partner Boris Radbone. 

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